Copyright Licensing: A Brief Explanation

When a film is produced, a studio or distributor acquires copyright ownership which enables them to make it available for audiences to view through a number of channels including:

i.e: watching films in Cinemas

i.e: watching films in an individual's home

i.e: watching films outside the Cinema or an individual's home

Filmbankmedia: Non-Theatrical Representatives in 70+ markets

Non-Theatrical Film Screenings refer to the screening of films outside of the cinema or an individual’s home. To screen films to audiences non-theatrically, persons or organisations must obtain the consent of the copyright owner or their representatives in the form of licensing before doing so.

To enable wider audiences to view their films legally, copyright owners appoint a Non-Theatrical representative (such as Filmbankmedia) to licence screenings in 70+ markets including:

  • Outdoor screenings including festivals, community events and cycle-ins
  • Schools and Universities
  • Community film groups
  • Entertainment venues
  • Government and public buildings
  • Art Centres
  • Museums
  • Libraries

...and many more.

Special Markets

Alongside licensing non-theatrical film screenings, Filmbankmedia work with system integrators and technology partners within the TransportHotelMaritime and Healthcare sectors to provide an engaging entertainment service to passengers, guests, visitors/staff and patients respectively.

To find out more on these Special Markets, click here.

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Special Markets

We specialise in Healthcare, Hotels, Maritime and Transport markets, providing exceptional film content to entertainment technology systems.

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