With Virtual Screening Room (VSR), you can host your own remote screening experience. You and your team, regardless of size, can watch award-winning films and chat together through our simple virtual service.

Plus, the live chat allows your audience to interact before, during and after.​


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Why use Virtual Screening Room?


Save time & keep it simple

Unrivalled content

Make it your own

Available internationally

Scalable group size

Leave the drama on screen.

Hold your resources! No need for venue hire, equipment, ongoing subscriptions or travel. With VSR, your team get to enjoy a great event at a lower cost and with less admin for you.

Make it your own.

Choose the movie, set the date, name the room, add a recorded introduction, and a VIP status in the chat. It is your screening. Plus, VSR can scale up to match your organisation’s size whether you have a team of ten or an army of a thousand.

Pick from an extensive library.

Whatever the mood or message, you will always find an appropriate film to screen.​ Your VSR could be a major Hollywood title, an independent movie, or a documentary. You can even screen your own content.



Let's get your virtual event set up. Contact our team today.