Delivering Innovative Technological Solutions

Filmbankmedia develop and deliver technological solutions to provide secure, encrypted technology for screening films. In addition, Filmbankmedia work with technology partners to provide content-only solutions and assist with any technology enhancements such as Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Cinelink Media Player 

Cinelink is a new, portable Digital Media Player employing studio-approved secure encryption software. This technology allows Filmbankmedia's customers to access an ever greater selection of ‘early release’ films than ever before.

For more information on the Cinelink Media Player, please click here.

Digital Content Distribution

Filmbankmedia offers digital distribution of film and TV entertainment to integrated technology providers for use on customer-facing technology systems within the Hotel, Healthcare, Maritime and Transport sectors!

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A portable Digital Media Player utilising the latest secure encryption technology to deliver more 'early release' films than ever before.

Technology Enquiries

Please contact us with any technology requirements you may have.